Angell Gallery is pleased to present The Anxious Body, a group exhibition curated by Associate Director Bill Clarke with an opening reception on October 13th, and on view through November 11th.
In a world inundated with fleeting digital images and 'selfies', a painted or drawn figure offers a slowed-down consideration of the human condition. And, what a condition our current moment presents... one defined by free-floating and, for some, very specific anxieties about the future. Figures depicted in contemporary art often carry within them the cultural issues of our time - from conflicts around race relations and gender to the impact that technology has had on how we portray ourselves and perceive others. The works in The Anxious Body remind us of the risks of becoming divided not only from each other, but from ourselves.

Featuring works by: Coady Brown - Langdon Graves - Jonathan Key -
Kathy Osborn - Bradley Wood (New York); Stella Cade - John Holland
- Natalka Husar - Rafael Ochoa (Toronto)

Hampshire 2017, 36"x36" oil on linen

Mon Reve 2017, 36"x36" oil on linen

Savilles Court 2017, 36"x36" oil on linen

Verbier 2017, 60"x48" oil on linen

2017 oil on linen 

2017 oil on linen

Becky and Will, oil on canvas

Ludo's Table 2017 60"x48" oil on canvas

Montclaire 36"x36" oil on canvas

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