Bradley Wood’s recent suite of oil paintings came about during a road trip visiting old mansions in the US. Wood sits and absorbs the space, allowing unexplained sensations and impressions of possible happenings to inform his creative process. Drawn to the tradition of figurative interiors of the Nabis, Wood executes his paintings in a way that incorporates various timelines, embracing mystery and allowing dreamlike narratives to unfold.​​​​​​​
Dividing  68”x87" oil on canvas
For Roslyn 79"X60" oil on canvas

La Baia House 75"x68"

Drumline 80"x62" oil on canvas
Excavation 80"x62" oil on canvas
Belly 68"x105" oil on canvas

Tree Falling Through 79"x58" oil on canvas

Old Chair, 60"x48" oil on canvas

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